Hey Guys,

I have made the decision to cancel this year CrossFit Training Team.

A lot of you are doing a great job making it into regular class times and I hope you continue that. We will not have a separate program anymore for competitors to follow as I will be shutting down this competitors section to the website. Nat nor myself need to spend the time to post WODS look up programming if 75% of the “team” cant follow it. I am not mad at anyone as this is maybe just not our year. Like I said before Life, work and family is always # 1 – I am sad that we will not be going through the blood, sweat  and tears of the CrossFit Games Journey this year but look forward to a year of training with all of you.






  1. This saddens me greatly. Although I may have been seen as one of the part timers, crossfit is my one and only extracurricular activily and the regionals is a big reason to push all year long. Good luck to everyone in their training.

  2. Bummer but I totally understand. Not being able to committ 100% kinda makes me feel like I’m letting you guys down, and that’s not fair to you and Nat. Darn life getting in the way! Anywho, I plan to continue with regular classes and work my butt off to see where that gets me! That being said, I’m counting on you and Nat to compete as individuals this year so we can still go to vancouver and get shitfaced in a limo bus….just sayin.

  3. I have had the same questions regarding the the games asked so Ill just post my response here – We as a gym are still opting in for the Open and will run the weekly WODS like last year. The 5 weeks is a great community event for everyone to participate in. We will encourage you as well the rest of the gym to register and have some fun competing with each other.

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