Personal Training

Whether you would like to focus on a particular athletic goal, rehabilitate from an injury, reduce back pain, lose weight, or a variety of concerns, we can help you reach your goals in a safe, and efficient manner.

Many people like to enlist the help of a personal trainer so that they can ensure that physical activity is a priority in their busy lifestyle.  It allows you to book appointments and commit to them, just like you would if you had to book a dentist appointment.  Walking into a fitness club can be intimidating, especially if you have little experience with exercise or proper execution of movements.  By enlisting the help of a personal trainer, the intimidation factor can be removed.  A personal trainer will sit down with you to go over what you would like to accomplish and help you focus on some key goals.  With our experience and knowledge we can design a program that will help you reach these goals in a realistic and healthy manner.

Many young athletes look to Cujo Conditioning to help assist with their strength and conditioning needs that they rely on to be a better athlete.  Many athletic teams do not have appropriate or well planned strength and conditioning programs for their players during the season, or the off season.  We are able to help athletes from all types of sports feel confident in achieving their athletic goals, whether it is being a top performer on their existing team, or wanting to eventually play at a national level.

1 session$95.00$75.00
6 sessions$558.00$438.00
12 sessions$1116.00$840.00
18 sessions$1584.00$1224.00
24 sessions$2064.00$1584.00
36 sessions$3060.00$2340.00
NOTE: Prices do not include GST – Full payment required – 1 hour sessions


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