Custom Program

Many experts claim that an individual’s ideal body composition is based on 80% diet, and 20% exercise. Some individuals seem to do well with the exercise portion of weight loss (or weight gain), but are lost when it comes to know how to fuel their bodies properly.  We are constantly bombarded by an overwhelming amount of information from the media, but unfortunately much of it is conflicting.  In today’s society it can be very difficult to comprehend which information is true, what is a current trend, and what is false.  By enlisting the help of a certified nutritionist, you will no longer have to deal with sifting through all of this conflicting information.  We can help you achieve your goals – whether you would like to lose fat mass, gain muscle mass or both! Perhaps you are doing a pretty good job already but would like some more information on how to achieve your best results either performance wise, or just feel your best health wise.

Nutritional Consultation Packages

Initial Consultation (1.5 hrs) $135 + GST


  • Review of questionnaires that were emailed to you previously
  • Initial body composition measured using Bodymetrix Ultrasound Device (this includes percentage of body fat, percentage of muscle tissue and girth measurements)
  • Review of goals assessed and recommendations made
  • Macronutrient ratio defined based on body type
  • Outline of specific plan of action to reach desired goals
  • Supplementation recommendations (if needed)
  • Review of dietary analysis based on 3 day food record and current intake (you will have filled this out before the initial meeting as well)
  • Daily caloric recommendations for desired weight goals (ie.  Weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain)

Follow Ups (30 min) $45 + GST

  • Can be done in person or over the phone
  • Includes review of bi-weekly client report and adherence chart
  • Body composition should be re-measured on a monthly basis

6 Month Nutritional Package $550 + GST

  • Includes Initial consultation and bi-weekly follow ups (meet twice a month) for 6 months
  • Includes body composition and girth measurements every month
  • This allows for continuous monitoring and changing of program if necessary because as you begin to reach your goals, caloric recommendations will need to be altered
  • Savings of $125 when you bundle the initial consultation and 6 months of follow ups