The Men

CrossFit Lloydminster 2013 Training Team was put together August 1st 2012 in preparation for The CrossFit Games. We have a handfuof athletes with 2 years of regional experience and  some strong new blood who are eager to help the team out and represent their box.

Curtis Johnson – Coach/ Competitor

  • Age: 26
  • Profession: Owner CuJo Conditioning Ltd.
  • CrossFitting Since: 2009
  • Games Experience: 2 years Regional Competitor/ Local Throwdowns
  • Favourite WOD: Anything under 15mins with moderate weight (no HSPU…GRR)
Strength & Oly 1RM’s
Back Squat: 400lbsFront Squat: 305lbsSquat Clean: 260lbsPower Clean: 265lbs
Deadlift: 435lbsBench Press: 250lbsClean & Jerk: 235lbsPower Snatch: 185lbs
Press: 155lbsJerk: 245lbsSquat Snatch: 200lbsOver Head Squat: 230lbs
WOD Scores
Fran: 3.52Jackie: 6.55Grace: 2.552k row: 6.57
Cindy: N/AAnnie: 5.50The Sevens: N/A5k run: 21.07
Fight Gone Bad: 384Diane: N/AFilthy Fifty: 21.10400m: .58

Lance Ward – Competitor

  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Hockey Trainer / Coach
  • Crossfitting since: 2009
  • Games Experience: Regionals 2012
  • Favourite WOD: Grace / Isabele
Strength & Oly 1RM’s
Back Squat: 315Front Squat: 255Squat Clean: 245Power Clean: 285
Deadlift: 395Bench Press: 225Clean & Jerk: 245Power Snatch: 220
Press: 200Jerk:Squat Snatch: 185
WOD Scores
Fran: 5:45Jackie: 8:24Grace: 2:002k row: 6.46
Cindy: N/AAnnie: 6:30The Sevens: N/A5k run: N/A
Fight Gone Bad: 341Diane: 14:38Filthy Fifty: N/A400m: N/A

Scott Noble – Competitor

  • Age: 27
  • Profession: Operator
  • CrossFitting Since: 2009
  • Games Experience: 2011 Canada West Regional Affiliate Cup
  • Favourite WOD: Helen
Strength & Oly 1RM’s
Back Squat: 305lbsFront Squat: 235lbsSquat Clean: 205lbsPower Clean: 205lbs
Deadlift: 400lbsBench Press: 165lbsClean & Jerk: 200lbsPower Snatch:N/A
Press: 140lbsJerk: 205lbsSquat Snatch: 145lbs
WOD Scores
Fran: 4.55Jackie: n/aGrace: 3.282k row: 7.17
Cindy: 14+15Annie: 5.54The Sevens: N/A5k run: 23.16
Fight Gone Bad: N/ADiane: N/AFilthy Fifty: N/A400m: .58

Dave McKean – Competitor

Jeremy Wakefield – Competitor

Eric Bergerud – Competitor

Ryan Koroluk – Competitor

Chris Bogue – Competitor

Sarel Potgieter – Competitor