Welcome to our Competitor page here at CrossFit Lloydminster

CrossFit has two departments within its brand and company

  1. CrossFit the Strength & Conditioning Program (www.crossfit.com)
  2. CrossFit The Sport of Fitness “The CrossFit Games” (www.crossfitgames.com)

90% of our clients enjoy the S&C program that has helped made them fitter and healthier as that is all they seek within the walls of this box. For the others the S&C program has led them on a path where CrossFit is now their sport. They train to compete in local Throwdowns, run marathons, complete death races and to complete the stages of the CrossFit Games.

There are some clients that have that desire and want to make CrossFit their sport but just aren’t physically ready to do so. Just like hockey or football it takes years to develop skills at the advanced and elite levels. With CrossFit there is no exception. To compete in RX’d divisions at local Throwdowns or to compete at the regional level is tougher AND TOUGHER as each year goes by.  We as coaches want the best for you and your development and with that the regular class WODS are designed to help build those fundamental movements and skills that need to be in your wheel house to become a competitor. We encourage you to still compete at local Throwdowns. We encourage you to register for the CrossFit open and see where you fit in with the rest of the world or compare your last year’s placing. And when you are ready to take that jump in your development we will be here to push you in that direction.

Oh, and remember that if CrossFit, the Sport did not exist we all still would be happy with CrossFit, the S&C program.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.