CrossFit Lite (Bootcamps)

Does CrossFit seem a little intimidating to you?  Or you have tried CrossFit and enjoyed some elements of it, but did not want to do some of the Olympic lifts or strength based training?  Then CrossFit Lite is the perfect alternative!


CrossFit Lite will be a 30-45 minute class that emphasizes high intensity training, core stabilization and strength, as well as boosting your metabolism post workout.  Unlike many bootcamps out there, CrossFit Lite will still be run by our more than qualified coaches who will correct technique and encourage proper movement to ensure safety!  Many of the workouts will be structured around the CrossFit Workout Of the Day (WOD) and CrossFit methodology, but movements, weights and length of workouts may be scaled.

There will be no Olympic lifts or Strength training during this class.  The class will consist of a thorough warm up, then the WOD, followed by some core exercises and/or mobility.  You will still be utilizing weight in the form of dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc., but the weights and movements may differ from the CrossFit class.

This class does not require any experience – no Fundamentals course needed!

Please note that if you would like to eventually transition into the regular CrossFit classes, you will need to take part in the CrossFit Fundamentals course.

Current CrossFit members may attend CrossFit Lite classes as they wish, with the understanding that they are following the CrossFit Lite programming.

Again, this class is for EVERYBODY! Whether you are new to exercise, have tried CrossFit in the past and perhaps did not have a goal of increasing strength and/or improving your Olympic lifts, but enjoyed the WODS, this class will be scalable for all types of members.


Monday, Sept 8 and will run every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 am and 4:15 pm


**For the 1st 20 participants:

Purchase 3 months in advance for $295 (plus GST), a $110 savings!

Regular pricing:  $135 (plus GST) per month for 3 times per week

Drop Ins Welcome:  $20 per visit



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