For many years I worked out consistently at home and in the gym, and considered myself to be in fairly good shape. I had my eyes opened when I first started CrossFit at CuJo Conditioning and realized I wasn’t as fit as I had thought.  Seeing what I was capable of both physically & mentally changed my life! As my body became stronger it gave me confidence I didn’t even know I was lacking.

I looked forward to each day, being surrounded by others who inspire and drive me to do my best, and let’s face it…a good old fashioned adrenaline rush never hurts either!

CuJo Conditioning has become more than a CrossFit gym to me, it is my “CuJo Family”.


I first got involved with CrossFit in May 2009. Shortly after starting I got pregnant with my first child; I was lucky enough to have a normal healthy pregnancy and my doctor encouraged me to continue to be active throughout my pregnancy. CrossFit helped me maintain my energy and helped me to gain a healthy amount of “baby weight”.  I continued with CrossFit up to my due date, and attended a CrossFit class two days before the birth of my son.

Continuing to be active helped me through my pregnancy, the birth, and the recovery. I returned to CrossFit a couple months post partum, following my doctor’s clearance. When I became pregnant a second time, I again continued with CrossFit through my pregnancy, up until the birth of my daughter.
CrossFit, and the trainers at CuJo Conditioning allowed the WODs to be scaled and modified throughout both my pregnancies as well as through my post partum periods.  And the “family” of CrossFitters provide such great support and encouragement.

Now both Grayson and Callie join me at the Crossfit Mommas class, another great benefit to Cujo Conditioning.


Since joining CuJo Conditioning/CrossFit Lloydminster in May 2009, I have discovered my PASSION!  I began CrossFit as another fitness class twice a week and it quickly became an obsession and a lifestyle.  I have been exposed to many different training techniques and nutritional practices.  I know and understand the significance of good nutrition, rest and mobility in order to avoid injury and to perform well.  (I may understand all of this but I don’t always practice it).

I have developed a whole new awareness of my body; my body positioning, my muscles and joints, and by general wellness.  I’ve also discovered that CrossFit is more than physical strength, endurance, and speed; it also engages and tests your mental strength as well.  I have found that my mental wellness and strength has greatly improved since joining CrossFit Lloydminster.

CrossFit is more than a fitness class for me.  CrossFit Lloydminster has become my extended family.  The CrossFit Lloydminster community (aka the CuJo Family) is an important part of my life because it is a diverse group of individuals with a common passion for fitness and general well-being. 

I feel a unique bond with these people because we have seen each other at our most vulnerable times and have supported and encouraged one another.  When a member of the ‘family’ hasn’t been in the gym for a few days their absence is felt.  And when they return, it’s like a reunion.

I feel I crave the contact with members of the ‘family’ as much as, and sometimes more than the gruelling workouts.

CrossFit has become my religion and CrossFit Lloydminster is my place of worship.  When I feel that I have strayed from my training and/or eating regimen, I ‘confess my sins’ to my ‘priests’ (coaches) and my fellow ‘parishioners’ (members of the CuJo Family).  The penance for my ‘sins’ is the WOD!  After the WOD, my soul and body feel cleansed and I am able to sleep at night.


CrossFit Lloydminster has made me a stronger person both mentally & physically. I love being able to help out my husband when he says “hey, come help me throw this (insert large/ awkward heavy item here) into the truck”.  Living on an acreage involves a lot of manual labour, and nothing can hold me back!

CrossFit Lloydminster has also changed my relationship with food. It’s a great feeling to feel good about the fuel I put into my body.

I can’t say enough about the great trainers at CuJo. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry, fitness/ rehab/ nutrition, there’s nothing they can’t help you with. The CrossFit community has become my second family. We all notice when someone is missing or hasn’t been in a while, and feel the need to investigate that they are ok!

They have standards and are hands down a technical cut above the rest!

I feel a piece of me would be missing if I no longer had my CrossFit Family.