Gym Etiquette & Rules

  1. Please bring indoor shoes to wear.  All outside footwear must be left at the front entrance.
  2.  Please ensure you clean up after yourself.  Put all of your equipment, plates, etc., back where they BELONG (not necessarily where they came from).  This includes tape, water bottles, and anything else that could be garbage or recycled.  We are coaches, not maids.
  3. Please be conservative with the chalk use.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want us to come into your living room and dump chalk in the middle of your floor so please don’t do it here.
  4. Please spray down your equipment after use.  We are a family at Crossfit Lloydminster but we don’t need to share DNA and bodily fluids with each other.
  5. Please be on time for your class (no more then 10 mins early), and stay late to cheer on others.
  6. Please introduce yourself to all newcomers, and congratulate everyone involved once you have finished your workout.
  7. Check your ego at the door. We (nor anyone else) cares how MUCH you lift, we just care HOW you lift it.
  8. Please don’t be an a*shole.  Listen to your coach.  We are here to make you a BETTER athlete, but we can only accomplish that if everyone involved is cooperative and respects our knowledge.
  9. Please do not change workouts to suit yourself that day.  Always ensure you bring up any concerns to your coach before the workout starts and we will help you modify the workout accordingly.  But there is no need for people to change reps, rest, etc based on what you feel like doing – everyone does the same workout!
  10. While it is great to be enthusiastic and want to help other members, please leave the coaching to the coaches.

 “Open Gym”

Open gym is in place for clients who want to spend some extra time outside the normal CrossFit classes to work on skills or movement(s) of their choice. It can be used to catch up on days missed or to work on weaknesses from strength, mobility and more.

Rules & Regulations

This is an added service that we are providing with NO ADDITIONAL COST. Remember that:

1. Open gym time slots may be cancelled, changed or altered at any time by the discretion of CuJo Conditioning

2. Open gym time slots are for CrossFit Lloydminster members who have an active Monthly unlimited Membership.

3. Clients with a 3x week membership may NOT attend this time slot.

4. Clients with a 3x week membership cannot pay a drop in fee to attend this time slot

5. Clients may show up no more than 10mins before the designated Open gym time slot. This does not mean rolling into CuJo 30mins before and taking your time in the change room, then coming out to the gym 10mins before the time slot starts.

6. Clients are not permitted to stay past the designated time slot to finish or complete what they are doing.

7. Open gym clients will always get second dibs on equipment or space. Priority goes to booked CrossFit classes, PT Clients or sport specific training groups. Please talk to the head coach for direction on what to use and where.



While it is convenient for you to bring your kids to the workouts, please ensure that they are able to sit quietly while you are working out.  Please respect the fact that the new building is going to be a multi use building – meaning there are going to be people coming for workouts, yoga, getting relaxing massages, etc.  It is not the job of the coaches or the receptionist to have to entertain,   discipline or to tell your children to stop playing with equipment. 

All children will have to stay the area near the doors and are expected to sit quietly.  They will not be allowed on the turf/platform/rubber areas or allowed to climb on any equipment (no playing on bands, rings, boxes, etc).  This means you may have to bring some entertainment for your child!  Please have this discussion with your children before bringing them here – that things will be different than the old building.  Also, if your children cannot clean up after themselves, then you will need to.  Again, it is not our responsibility to clean up toys, food, spills, etc.  Please help us keep our space looking as clean and tidy as possible as many people will be sharing multiple spaces. 

Thanks in advance for understanding,  The CuJo Conditioning Team