CrossFit Membership Fees

CrossFit is a “personal training program in a group atmosphere” not a basic gym membership. Personal training ranges in Lloydminster from $40.00 to $90.00 a session. We have broken down the cost of our monthly membership to show what per class rates will be. Remember your paying for quality and the best facility, equipment & coaches in Lloydminster. We have a price sheet at our facility to the “bargain bin gym” for you to try and compare.

MembershipCostCost per workoutCost per workoutCost per workout
Fundamentals Course$185.0012 sessions – $15.42
1-month Unlimited CrossFit & Yoga$175.0020 sessions – $8.7516 sessions – $10.9414 sessions – $12.50
1-month 3x week$150.0012 sessions – $12.50
15 class punch card$225.0015 sessions – $15.00
6-month Unlimited$990.00120 sessions – $8.2596 sessions – $10.3184 sessions – $11.79
1-year Unlimited$1860.00240 sessions – $7.75192 sessions – $9.69168 sessions – $11.07

* These prices do not include GST
** 6 month & 1 year memberships must be paid all up front at once
*** Student/police & military discounts now available

Membership Terms & Agreement

Personal Training

All personal training sessions require a full 24 hours notice for cancelation to avoid incurring the cost of the session. If a member cancels a session with less than 24 hours notice, the full cost of the session will be charged.

Pre-Paid Memberships

Members can opt to purchase pre-paid memberships for the duration of six- or 12-months. A client may put their membership on hold for one month for a six-month pre-paid membership, and for up to two-months for a 12-month pre-paid membership. You will be provided lieu time added on to the end of your membership for either one or two months contingent on your membership. There will be no refunds given.

Example: Jennifer purchased a pre-paid six-month membership from January through June. Jennifer has grown weary of the cold windy weather of Lloydminster and informs CC she will be going to Florida for the month of March. CC confirms with Jennifer there are no refunds, however she will be entitled to train at CC through the end of July to make up for her month long absence in March.

 Monthly Memberships

A Monthly Membership is a contractual agreement allowing us, CC, to automatically withdraw membership dues for the agreed upon duration (six- or 12-months) by you, the client.

Putting your Monthly Membership on Hold

A client may put their membership on hold for a total of one month for a six-month membership, and for up to two-months for a 12-month membership. You must be gone 14 or more days in a row to put your membership on hold. Your monthly payments will continue to be processed during your holding period and you will be provided lieu time added on to the end of your membership for time absent. There will be no refunds given.

In the event that you would like to put your membership on hold for longer than the allotted amount of time, please contact the gym owner in writing. Additional holds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the gym owner.

Changing your Monthly Membership

Clients may change their Monthly Membership from a 3x per week to Unlimited or vise-versa free of charge once per year. Additional changes will be subjected to a $25.00 administration fee.


Cancelling a Monthly Membership

The contract is a document that grants permission between the client and CC to withdraw funds from the client’s bank account or credit card on the 1st of each month for the duration of the term. If a client wishes to cancel their monthly membership they can do so by a 30 days written notice delivered in person. Your membership will be cancelled 30 or more days upon receiving your termination letter. For example CC receives your cancellation letter on March 16th, your membership will be terminated April 30th.

 Rules on Membership

All membership options entitle the member to train at either three times (3) or an unlimited number of classes per week, contingent on membership type and given that all payments are current. Other restrictions may apply

Refund Policy

There are no refunds to any of our products and services…ever (that is unless we made a billing error).


These are at the sole discretion of the CuJo Conditioning Ltd./ CrossFit Lloydminster owner, which will be reviewed only if provided in writing.

Delinquent Accounts

All members under the Monthly Membership plan (six- or 12- months) will be enrolled in an automatic payment plan. If the client’s account balance cannot cover the amount of the membership dues, the client will have seven (7) days to make their late payment in full without paying a re-initiation fee. If the client has not paid his or her dues by the said deadline, the membership will be suspended and the client will be subject to a $100 re-initiation fee to reactivate the membership in addition to paying that month’s fees. If the client is delinquent after the seventh day, a 22% interest rate will be applied to that month’s membership, in addition to the re-initiation fee and NSF fee outlined below.

There will be a $25 NSF/Decline charge billed to the member should their payment method not be approved. This charge will be billed for each time the payment is attempted.

Past Clients looking to Return

If a past client wants to rejoin the CrossFit Program after some time away and they did not put their membership on hold but have cancelled it, they will be subject to a rejoining fee of $50-$100 at the discretion of the owner. They also might be subject to going through the Fundamentals course or required to take some Personal Training session. Each case will be evaluated and subject to these terms


Gym Etiquette

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Storage and Liability

CuJo Conditioning Ltd. /CrossFit Lloydminster has provided cubby areas for you to place your belongings in. Please note that CuJo Conditioning Ltd. /CrossFit Lloydminster is not liable for broken or missing belongings. It is mandatory to place all belongings into a cubby, as items left on the floor is prohibited due to safety concerns and space. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your valuables in a cubby during class, please leave them at home. Personal belongings left behind will be kept for seven (7) days in the lost and found.


As a way for CuJo Conditioning Ltd. /CrossFit Lloydminster to promote the facility and share experiences gained by our members, periodically we use the expertise of a professional photographer. By signing this contract, you are authorizing CuJo Conditioning Ltd. /CrossFit Lloydminster to use your photograph and likeness for business purposes. In the event that you would like to opt out of being photographed, it is your responsibility to inform the photographer directly.

Age Requirement

We suggest members be 18 years of age or older to participate in CuJo Conditioning Ltd. /CrossFit Lloydminster group classes. If members do not meet this requirement a parental signature will be required*.