“2013 Battle on the Border”

Battle on the Border 20132013 Competition Information

Latest News:

Old News:

Friday Check in for RX’D athletes will be 445pm

Saturday Check in for SCALED & MASTER’S will be before 745am.

Saturday will end around 5pm


This year we will have 3 Divisions for athletes to compete in depending on your skill level and age

RX’D – Athletes who choose to compete in this category show high levels of work capacity. They can complete most benchmark workouts (excluding some of the crazy HERO WOD’s) and can make it through RX’D weight. Skills like DU’S, Pistols, HSPU & Muscle ups are recommended but are not required to compete at this level. If a event has these movements in them it will be programmed accordingly so you will not receive a DNF.

Athletes will compete on Friday & Saturday with a minimum of 4 events over the weekend

Cost: 95.00+gst

SCALED – This Division is for everyone else who wants to compete at a CrossFit competition. From the newbie who just stepped out of a Fundamentals course to the CrossFit veteran who just isn’t ready to make the step up to RX’d Division.

Athletes will compete on Saturday with a minimum of 3 events

Cost: 80.00+gst

MASTERS – The Master Division will see male & female athletes 40 years+ as of Feb 15th 2013 compete alongside the scaled competitors in the same workouts but be scored amongst each other.

Athletes will compete on Saturday with a minimum of 3 events

Cost: 80.00+gst

note: master athletes can still register to compete in RX’D and scaled divisions.If not enough master athletes reg. they will be notified that they have been moved into the scaled div.

Registration Information

Early registration will happen January 8th at 330pm till January 12th at 330pm

To qualify for early registration you must:

  • Be a member at CrossFit Lloydminster
  • Have a minimum of 10 athletes from your box competing

Why have early registration?

We understand  that you are going into this competition as an individual but like training at your own affiliate you complete most WODS by yourself but within a community of coaches/ fellow athletes and most importantly your friends!. We want you to enjoy this competition with that community and the dozen others that show up.

How to register early?

Please have the box owner or organizer for your group send an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required with your athletes name and division before January 12th at 330pm. Further instructions then will get sent to that individual.

Open Registration

This will take place January 14th at 330pm for all remainder of open spots.

note: more info on where to register on our website for this will become available in the next couple weeks

More Updates to Come:

  • Competitor List
  • Scoring system
  • Event details/ Layout
  • Workout demos/ standards

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