Fundamentals Course

CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning program where workouts are constantly varied, done at high intensities and with functional movements. Our Coaches are here to teach clients the methods of CrossFit from its prescription, exercises and skills that will help you towards your goal of becoming more “fit”. By our hands on teaching approach in the CrossFit groups, CuJo Conditioning and CrossFit Lloydminster have become this city’s go to spot for fitness and health.

As joining a new type of class can be quite intimidating, we do our best to prepare you for this by having all new members take part in a Fundamentals course. To make it easier for new members to adjust to this kind of strength & conditioning program, clients must participate in the beginner’s 3-step process to becoming a full time member within our regular CrossFit classes. This course is designed to ensure that all participants understand the basic movements that show up consistently in the classes, to learn the “lingo” that you will regularly hear us using, to complete workouts with other new members, and of course, to have fun!  By participating in these sessions, it will allow new members to increase their comfort and confidence levels as they integrate into the regularly scheduled classes.

Step 1: Attend the “Free Foundation Class”
1 hour lecture that explains the following:

  • 3 main concepts: High intensity, Functional Movements, Constantly Varied
  • Layout of daily classes
  • Common frequently asked questions and explanation of misconceptions
  • Sign up for Step 2 “Fundamentals Course”

Step 2: Take part in the “Fundamentals Course”
4 week, 12 class introductory course for $185.00 + GST

  • Learn the basic movements and body position of fundamental exercises in a small group atmosphere (3-6 athletes)
  • Review the squatting series, deadlift, pressing series, and a variety of other exercises and skills that are used in CrossFit
  • Slowly introduce athlete to high levels of intensity
  • Build a base of conditioning (core + posterior chain)

Step 3: Graduate from the Fundamentals Course and sign up for monthly classes

Every NEW MEMBER must go through these steps no matter how fit one might think they are. The CrossFit program can be the most humbling hour of an individual’s life!

*Each member needs to sign up for a minimum of 3 classes per week after completion of the foundation class.

Fundamental 5 Pack

If these times do not work with your schedule, or you are anxious to start CrossFitting now, we also have a 5 session personal training package where one of our coaches can take you through the Fundamentals class on an individual basis to allow you to enter the CrossFit classes much faster. This package is $250 + GST.

Please email email hidden; JavaScript is required  for more information regarding how to get started.