CrossFit Lloydminster

At CrossFit Lloydminster we believe in hard work, a community atmosphere, and most of all, having fun!  CrossFit is a lifestyle that has grown in popularity in a short amount of time.  Thousands of people around the world are embracing the positive lifestyle changes that CrossFit has brought into their lives.  From average people who enjoy the type of workout it is, to those who compete in the CrossFit Games as a professional athlete.  From fifteen year old teenagers who use it as a means of dealing with the stresses of being a teen in today’s world, to 70 year old retirees who participate in CrossFit because it keeps them active and feeling young!

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is based on high intensity exercise, using a variety of training modalities.  The concept is that we do a variety of exercises and movements so that your body never has time to adapt – we specialize in not specializing!  The mass appeal of CrossFit is that it is universally scalable, meaning that anyone can participate in the workout.  You do not have to be a professional athlete to take part in the workout that is prescribed that day.  Our knowledgable coaches allow everyone to participate by scaling workouts to the individual’s fitness ability and/or modify movements based on any restrictions a person may be facing at the time, such as an injury.

Our coaches believe in EDUCATING our clients so that you understand why we perform movements in a particular manner.  We always focus on technique first, so that we ensure all movements and exercises are performed in a safe and efficient manner.  Our coaches stress the importance of technique and proper movement and have experience in how to modify movements so each person can perform them regardless of fitness status.

A benefit that people love about CrossFit is that the program is designed by our coaches.  When you attend a workout, you just have to look at the board!  You no longer have to walk into a gym wondering what you will do today.  Our programs are expertly periodized to ensure that overtraining does not occur.  Our certified coaches explain the workout and movements required for that day.  While you are working out, you can expect our coaches to give you feedback regarding your movement and give you encouragement throughout.  People love the fact that they have a coach to ensure they are doing movements properly to prevent injuries, to motivate them and educate them.  We can also assist in substituting or modifying an exercise based on fitness level or injury status – regardless, you will get a good workout!

A large part of our gym is the family and community atmosphere that we stress.  When you show up for class, everyone is welcoming and encouraging.  People will cheer each other on to get through the workout and congratulate each other once the workout is complete.

CrossFit Lloydminster was established in 2011 and is Lloydminster’s first and only “Official” CrossFit Affiliate.

For more information regarding CrossFit, please visit, or email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required