Athlete & Spectator Information


Parking should not be an issue as we have a fair amount of spots in our own parking lot. One can park on the street or in the adjacent businesses parking lots. Our staff and volunteers will park out back to make room for our guests. The only issue we have is that it’s angled parking lot and the one way signs are not up so its pretty tight in there if we have people going the wrong way! so be careful.

Reception & Spectator Area

Our reception area isn’t massive by any means so we do need our guest to respect the area. We will expect guests to take of their outdoor shoes as the spectator viewing area will be overtop of our synthetic turf.

Athlete Area

Athletes will have a separate area in our Yoga room to place their bags and to also get away from the action. This room again is not massive and fits about 30 yoga students at a time so remember on Saturday we will have 120 athletes using this room.

Massage Therapists

We have 5 massage rooms at our facility and we will have 2-3 therapists there for you to use. They will charge a small fee of $20 for 30min. Sign up sheets will be outside the athlete area.

CuJo Gear/ Skins

We are lucky to have Skins Canada at our event for both Friday Night and Saturday. Athletes and spectators can size up and purchase skins gear one of those days and get a one-time discount price of 50% off! You will be shipped your purchase.  Our CuJo products will be sold at the reception area as well for you.

Tentative Schedule


4:45pm – RX’D Athlete Check-in

5:30pm – Athlete Briefing

5:45pm – Event 1.1

6:48pm – Event 1.2

8:09pm – Event 1.3


7:45am – Scaled & Master Check-in

8:30am – Athlete Briefing

8:45am – Event 2.1

10.08am – Event 2.2

11:20am – Lunch Break

11.51am – Event 2.3

3:26pm – Semi-Finals

4:00pm – Finals

5:00pm – Awards