2013 BOTB EVENT 2.1

4min AMRAP

10 Cal Row

10 T2B (Leg raises scaled & master women)

Movement Standards


  • Athletes will start in the Rower
  • You can change your feet and damper prior to starting
  • Judge will always re-set or set the rower monitor before and during the event
  • Hands must stay off the handle till the go call is made


  • Feet must touch bar inside your hands
  • The rep starts with your feet off the ground & heels passing behind the uprights of the rig
  • Rep ends with the any part of the foot touching the bar at the same time


Leg Raises (Scaled & Master Women)

  • Same standards as T2B but the rep ends with the heels passing above hip crease


  • 100 point system
  • Total reps